Thursday, June 23, 2016

the princesses

Well the little heifers, or the babies as I call them turned out to be a couple of princesses after all.
We got a good down pour and then steady rain for a while with some thunder storms the other afternoon. My husband and I went for a walk later in the evening after chores and supper. But before we left I threw some hay in to the babies. Their pasture is low on grass and are moving them in the morning. And off we went on our walk. I really enjoy walking with my husband. We chat about our days if we spent it apart, or we talk about things on our minds. Or sometimes we are just quiet and enjoy being together. Well once we got home we walked into the driveway and saw...

the babies decided to lay down IN their hay instead of the wet ground!! Little buggers! Guess they decided dry hay was better then wet ground. Smart I'd say.

Have a great day y'all 

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