Monday, May 18, 2015

a few more updates

Well yesterday was Daffodils 2end birthday! And today is her due date for her first calf. We are waiting...things are changing on her body to tell us the time is coming. I just don't think it will be today while it's nice and sunny out. Probably tomorrow when it's cold and raining she'll have it...

Daffy is the cow in the back of the photo. The one in front her mama, Maggie.

Spring is springing. It's dry here. I'm surprised with all the snow we had all winter long too. But things are blooming. It's been a cold spring too, temperature wise it feels more like April then May.

We bought a pin wheel rake this winter. Got all it's teeth it's a little rusted but works fine. Fairly simple piece of equipment, nothing fancy about it. And it's a big step up for us as far as raking goes!
We also got a hay elevator! I'm most excited about that! It's all in working order too. We got it out and put it together and greased it all up. I don't have a pic of it though. Maybe later.

One more piece of equipment we got this winter was a chicken plucker!

I think this one will defeather 5 chickens at once.  This will save so much time for us! And we have lots of broilers to be doing in a few more weeks! I'll take pics and show you. Aren't you excited?!

Well here is hoping that when I post next it will be birthing pics of Dandie or Daffy!
Have a great day ya'll!

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