Saturday, June 14, 2014

new life

Oh this time of year on a farm!!! Maggie had her baby yesterday.

On her due date no less! Just before the rain came in, about 1:30. Missed the whole thing. Totally bummed about that.
 When we did chores yesterday morning we checked her out, and she didn't look like she was gonna have it. They slept in the barn due to down pours the night before. I'm glad she didn't have the baby during the night. The kiddos and I had lunch and then were headed out to check on things and there was the baby, fresh wet and super cute. I ran in the house and called my husband, but didn't reach him. He was pulling in the driveway as I was dialing his number. He was coming home to check on me. Apparently I had left the phone off the hook, for almost 2 hours, and he was concerned. I ran out to tell him about the baby, my camera in hand. We walked out to the pasture  and I snapped the above photo. Then tucked the camera under my shirt, because it was starting to rain. He grabbed the calf's back legs and looked...
a heifer!!!!!!!!!!
 As you can see Maggie is cranky. She has had 5 calves, and this is her 4th with us. She didn't charge at us, (as the picture would indicate she would) we had a stick in case she did. She shows a great deal of tough, and throws her head and paws the ground. We know her, and we know our limits with her. We are always careful.  My husband picked up the calf and I kept the stick close to Maggie's nose in case she decided to be funny. She didn't try anything. She stuck close to my husband and mooed as we walked to the barn. I think she must trust us with the babies now. She has calmed down since the first one she had with us. She is a great mom.

Mmmmm yummy colostrum.
Maggie looks pleased with herself. She has given us 3 heifers in a row. So I'm pleased. I'd be happy  if it were a bull calf. But I'm not gonna lie, I'm very pleased it's a heifer!!  I just want everyone to be healthy. And this little girl is healthy.

Cuteness all over the place!! We are in love with her already. Her name you wonder?

                                                      Black Eyed Susan AKA\ "Suzie"

She is named after one of our daughters favorite flowers. She is her calf.

 So far mama and baby are doing well. We are watching Maggie closely. Her last calf she got milk fever, but we caught it early and she came out of it, without too much complications. We gave her a calcium pill this last night, and she'll get one later today. So that hopefully will keep it away.
Have a great day all!


  1. Congratulations!!!! She is adorable!

  2. What a sweet hummie! Glad mama and baby are doing well. I hope the calcium pill helps her...milk fever isn't fun, that's for sure!

  3. How adorable! Congratulations Maggie Momma. Suzie looks like a doll!