Thursday, April 17, 2014

maple syrup

So this year has been anything but a great sap season. Oh we had plenty of snow to help out the run of the sap! Rain and ice to boot. But the weather was so cold most all winter long, and well into the season it was still too cold, or just too hot. Really weird.  Anyways we did get some maple syrup, and some to sell. Not as much as previous years, but whatever. Tis the year for crazy weather.

My oldest girl, collecting one fine day.
 My second oldest girl collecting some more sap one fine day.

I'm stuck in the house finishing off some maple syrup. It was all darker stuff this year. I'm floating 60 briks in the cup back there. Time to bottle it. Just in time to get it done before chores if you can see the time ;)
Smells really good too!

Here is an area where we tap trees.
This is the ditch down the road from us. Looks more like it would be a stream. All the snow and rain we got finally melted!

Have a great day all!


  1. Syrup season was iffy here, too. It seems the new 'normal' weather is weird. Let's hope for a nice gardening season - it's the least we can expect from Mother Nature after this winter!

  2. I do hope the rest of the growing season goes much more nicely. Still, what a delicious looking haul! It looks like a fun family bonding venture to boot!