Wednesday, March 26, 2014

bitter sweet

Mama and son resting Saturday the 23. I took this picture and it was a bitter sweet moment for me. All of us really. We knew going into this birth, that if it was a bull calf then he would have to go. We couldn't use him for breeding, or have a "pet" and not for meat either. He was my son's calf and he decided that the sooner he went the better. My husband made calls and found someone that wanted him. So late Saturday morning he took this little charge and took him to a new farm with goats, bunnies, cows, and such.  The girls got all teary and didn't want him to go. We told them we didn't have a choice, and he had to go. Such is life on a farm and we can't keep him. My boy was gone for the day and when he got home my husband told him about it and he seemed ok with it. Dandie can have more and maybe next time she'll give us a heifer. That made him feel better.
Dandie went outside. She looked around and mooed a little. When they came back in the barn both cows mooed and looked around. I think they were a little confused. I felt bad. But all in all she seemed to take this ok too. The calf never nursed off her, so I don't know if that helped with her not being too attached to him. Not really sure. I try not to humanize it too much because it kills me. Being a mom and all I get all sad and melancholy when I think of taking the babies away.
As for the questions I got in the comments: Yes it was a bull calf.
Yes Dandie is a calm cow. She doesn't get too upset at things. Right from the get go with the calf she was calm with us being close to her, and him. We shall see how that goes with more babies as they come.
Yes Dandies tits are small. It's hard to milk her. We have to "strip" the teat rather then the regular squeeze. She prefers to have us start milking the front quarters first, then the back. Weird I know, but she stands better when we do it that way.
Have a great day ya'll!


  1. Awww that is sad. I cried when I sold my little buckling last year. You hit the nail on the head with the bittersweet. It comes with the farm life.
    My guinea pig freaked out the day I sold all her babies. She went running around the poop poop castle squeaking like crazy, it was also sad :(

  2. I could imagine it would be hard to take the babies away. But like you, I try not to humanize it too much.

  3. One of the difficult realities of farming...I agree with not humanizing it if we did....well, decisions would be all the more harsh.

  4. It will be wonderful when she gives you a heifer calf - especially with her nice disposition. It's always difficult to part with any baby/young animal. But there really isn't a good reason to keep them unless they fulfill a purpose.

  5. Isn't is always hard when you have send something away. I am happy for you that your son handled this well. As well as the Mother cow. It is that way when you are on a farm. Sounds like you found a good home for your little one too.
    @ 3Beeze Homestead