Thursday, August 29, 2013

what i did on my summer vacation... part 1

Pull up a seat and grab a Coconut Oatmeal Whoppie Pie and and iced coffee, join me for a few minute!! They are fresh outta the oven!! Try to refrain from licking your screen. :)

Don't have any?! Oh well maybe I'll share the recipe with you.
So I'm still not all into blogging yet. Maybe once the winter comes and I'm in the house more and don't have so many things going on... hardy har har!!!!
I'll let you in on what I've been up to, other then turning into a beach bum this summer. But oh how I have loved every minute of it!
First off I gotta tell you I started the summer out in crutches. What?! Yup. I'm super talented ya know. The kiddos, my mom, and I went to crash my sisters vacation down on the ocean. She knew we were coming, and it was fun!! Well after a wonderful day on the beach, a sleep over in a hotel, and some fried white chocolate cheesecake...yes you read that right...fried white chocolate cheesecake!! OMW so amazing!! And another morning on the beach we packed up to head home. We stopped off at a big store, walked around, and were leaving when some how, and this is where my amazingness comes in...I was walking in the grass in flip flops, when my toe hit something very hard in the grass. It hurt. I kept on walking with some effort and limping. My mom asked me if I was alright. I said yes. Then I made the mistake of looking down at my foot. My left toe the one next to the little toe was cocked off to the left, not the way it should go...suddenly my bagel and 2 large iced coffees, I had several hours ago, wore off and I almost blacked out. Yup. Not my finest moment. My toe hurt bad and seeing it off to the left wasn't helping. Sitting in the car I caught my breath and called my husband. I told him I thought I broke my toe. After some debate it was decided I should go to the hospital. They took x-rays...

...not broken, but all the ligaments and blood vessels and tendons that hold it together were ruptured. The doctor said I would have been better off breaking the bone. Would heal better. My toe will never be the same. I was bummed because I had just bought some new cowboy boots and couldn't wear them. So my goal was to be back in them after a month. But not after some rough days of sitting and my throbbing foot as it swelled. It was all taped together. Was rough and took about 8-9 weeks to heal enough for me to be able work out. I was on my feet before I should have been, but I couldn't sit still any longer. And yes I was able to get my cowboy boots on after a month, but could only wear them for a few hours! But all is well now!

Things on the farm are going well. Our little herd is doing well. My husband made a stanchion for Daffodil, and now she has her own spot.

Daffodil's butt, Dandie's butt, and Maggie's butt. I've made lots of butter, and am hoping to make some cheeses soon too!! I love cheese!

My oldest daughters bunny named Misty had a surprise for us one morning... babies! Four of them, but the runt didn't make it. The three that did are all girls.

One white one is Snowball, the other is Betty. The black one is Odd Ball Jr, as far as I know that is her name. Named after her father, that was another daughters, but sadly he died. He was black too. They are so much fun, and oh so cute!
Well thats it for now. Gotta get supper finished and in the oven, and then I'm headed out for the evening with a SIL!!
Have a great night all!


  1. Wow, so sorry about your toe. What a way to spend the summer. :(
    Your animals are super cute, though! Glad to see you back!

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your toe!! OUCH!!! I would have hit the ground for sure, you are strong to keep on walking upright after seeing that. Love the pictures of the bovine behinds. I bet your butter tastes devine! Oh, and PLEASE post on those delicious looking coconut treats, and if you happen to find that recipie for the deep fried white chocolate cheesecake, I would be much obliged. Hope you have a great rest of the summer!! - Jen.